Melanin can be understood as the natural skin pigment. Have you ever wondered why your eyes’ color is brown, blue, or black? Or, what decides the color of your hair or skin? Well, you can consider this hormone responsible for it. 

Though numerous hormones collectively curate Melanin and none can be named in particular, melanocytes — a special skin cell — play a major role. 

Researchers found that almost everyone possesses the same amount of melanocytes. However, there might be some individuals whose bodies can create more Melanin than others; such individuals would have dark eyes, hair, and skin as compared to others. On the other hand, if an individual’s body produces less melanocytes, the color of his/her eyes, hair, and skin would be very light. 

Well, the answer to this question is still not known, accurately; however, one of the prime answers for the same is Genes. The other factor might be the geographical location.  

When our body is exposed to sunlight, it formulates or excretes more Melanin. Therefore, if you spend more time outdoor than in the room, you might probably find your skin darker than the one who remains indoor.  

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