Complete nutrition is a prime necessity for optimal growth in the children. But, what role does Zinc play? When the results of certain studies were studied, Zinc was of utter importance for proper cellular growth. It participates in cell proliferation regulation —the process responsible for increasing the number of existing cells. 

Moreover, it is important for enzyme systems too. If it is removed from the extracellular milieu, there are chances of a massive decrease in deoxythymidine kinase activity and reduction in adenosine (5tetraphosphate (5)-adenosine. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that Zinc helps in our body development by interacting with it at cellular levels. 

Besides, it also helps our body in cellular differentiation. And hence, indirectly, it helps our body with metabolism.  

Did you know that a severe deficiency of Zinc is very rare in humans? However, mild to moderate deficiency of Zinc is a widespread problem worldwide.  

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